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I give away free art supplies to children in need

So that they can creatively express their emotions and overcome hardships.

My heart breaks knowing so many children don’t have opportunities to create art.


Art supplies are not affordable
Art class have been removed from school
Families do not see value in art

If children can’t create art they might struggle with their emotions when they face challenging times.

How art can make a difference in a child’s life


Clear Communication

.Sometimes it is hard for children to express themselves verbally but drawing pictures can give them a voice when they can’t find the words.  


Social-Emotional Development

During hardships, creative outlets help children process emotions and keep them from acting out.


Happy Learners

If children don’t have to struggle with their emotions, they are free to be happy and enjoy learning new things.


I don’t just care about children’s social-emotional development.  I’m dedicated to making art supplies available to every child in need.

Given away over 500 art kits
Taught over 20 art lessons
Inspired over 10,000 children

How I spread art


Art Kits

WIth your donations, I purchase supplies to make art kits to give to children in need.


Art Lessons

I teach other children how to draw fun cartoons and use color to brighten their tough days.


Motivational Talks

I love to inspire other children to start with art if they are struggling with communicating their emotions.


Sharing Artwork

I love to share my art with others to encourage them to keep going when times are challenging.

Many children struggle with their emotions when they experience hardships.  I inspire children to creatively express themselves using art so that they can overcome their challenges


Download a Free coloring page

I want to share some of my art with you.  Enjoy