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We’re on a mission.

Many children struggle with their emotions throughout their lives.  I inspire children to creatively express themselves using art so that they can overcome their challenges.


All children want to be understood and enjoy learning. In order for them to do that they need the tools to express their emotions, especially when going through tough times. The problem is some children don’t have access to art supplies and classes because it’s too expensive or not available to them. Often art has been removed from school or it is not a valued experience.  In spite of that, drawing pictures can help children express their emotions when they can’t find the words. Struggling to communicate  makes children feel frustrated and may lead to bullying and misbehavior.  I believe if children do not have a creative outlet they will not develop the social-emotional skills needed in life. That is why I’ve made thousands of art kits to give to children who don’t have access to art supplies so that they can feel empowered to overcome their challenges.  Will you help me make art available to every child?

Here is how we can do it!

1. Donate now.

Your donation of $20 is all it takes to buy art supplies for one child.

2. I'll assemble the art kits.

I’ll purchase the art supplies and assemble the art kits with a personal note.

3. Children enjoy creating art.

Now children have a voice when they couldn’t find the words.

Children shouldn’t have to struggle communicating their emotions.  Instead, they can

start with art

to express themselves during challenging times.